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You Need a Training

                          Reduce test anxiety, improve concetration, score higher on test

Good advice Is Not Enough

Good suggestions for reducing test anxiety seem to be everywhere. Schools recognize the test anxiety problem, and university counseling centers post recommendations for anxious students.

Most of the advice is excellent, but even excellent advice is too often not enough. Anxiety impairs memory, and much of the good advice gets lost amid the high stress of taking an exam. Good advice on its own is found to produce only a tiny fraction of the benefits usually obtained from the better anxiety reduction treatments.   

Training is more than information! 

barbells To learn to type, you need something more than information. You need a training experience. And so too with test anxiety reduction. You need a training experience.  Our CD guides you step by step through an anxiety control experience.   

Recorded CDs and DVDs can train you as a professionally administered protocol would, and can produce similarly strong benefits. The recorded protocols structure the learning experience for you, so that it conditions, imprints, and embeds new associations, such that you respond automatically and do not have to constantly remind yourself during your exams. 

DrD (Richard Driscoll) and colleagues have introduced and thoroughly tested a combined mental & physiological training, with several innovative features and consistently strong anxiety reduction and confidence training benefits. Look next at the rationale.

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