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                  Anxiety Reduction and
Confidence Training
for Tests

Reduce test anxiety, improve concetration, score higher on test   

4.8 rating (out of 5) on Amazon.com customer reviews

"At first I thought buying a CD on how to overcome test anxiety was a ridiculous idea... but I bought this CD last semester and amazingly, my test scores began to go up. I am no longer nervous or anxious during tests which allows me to concentrate on the material ..."
                      J.D., Amazon.com reviewer (click here to see all Amazon reviews)

                                Summary of Research

The Confidence Training is found to  

  reduce test anxiety
 increase concentration;

  substantially improve your test scores

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Test? 

Do you "freeze" or "blank" on major tests?  Rate yourself.

Take the Westside Test Anxiety Scale (click here, and check your downloads)

  Training.  You read all the excellent advice, and you are still just as anxious as ever. You need a test anxiety reduction training.

  Rationale  (See Why it works)   Simple relaxation is not enough.  We put the fun back into functional.

  Research.  Confidence Training produced half a letter grade test gains on average for 60+ test-anxious college students in four separate studies.


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Test Anxiety Reduction training

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Presented by
Dr. Richard Driscoll
Denver, CO