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Our program is found to

Reduce Test Anxiety

Increase Your Concentration

Substantially Improve Your Test Scores

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Test?

Do you "freeze" or "blank" on major tests? Rate yourself.

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... an exceptional 32 minute Training Experience

...that is found to benefit Test-anxious students.


You read all the excellent advice, and you are still just as anxious as ever. You need a test anxiety reduction training.

Rationale (See Why it works)

Simple relaxation is not enough.


Confidence Training produced half a letter grade test gains on average for 60+ test-anxious college students in four separate studies. See Research for a listing of published outcome and validity studies.


from students who experienced the training.

Our Anxiety Specialist

Tame Test Anxiety

Dr. Richard Driscoll

Denver, CO

"The Confidence training & test anxiety Tamer is
one of the strongest, fastest, and most easily administered
anxiety reduction methods available anywhere."

You will be surprised at how

a few seemingly minor alterations make our test anxiety reduction package
considerably stronger, faster, and more easily administered than the more standard programs.

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