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    Are you test anxious?

    Do you wrestle with too many fears and insecurities? Does your confidence vanish, just when you need it most?

    Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Test?.

    Do you "freeze" or "blank" on major tests? Rate yourself.

    Take the Westside Test Anxiety Scale (click here)


    ... an exceptional 32 minute Training Experience
    ...that is found to reduce test anxiety, improve concentration, and significantly improve test scores.


    You read all the excellent advice, and you are still just as anxious as ever. You do not need more information. You need to actually experience the confidence that you will need on the test.

    Rationale (See Why it works)

    Simple relaxation is not enough. You need to be interested in your test, and passionate about your performance.


    Confidence Training produced half a letter grade test gains on average for 60+ test-anxious college students in four separate studies. See Research for a listing of published outcome and validity studies.


    from students who experienced the training.

    • J.D.

      At first I thought buying a CD on how to overcome test anxiety was a ridiculous idea... but I bought this CD last semester and amazingly, my test scores began to go up. I am no longer nervous or anxious during tests which allows me to concentrate on the material.

    • Cynthia Mallatt-Grow

      LOVE this!!! Got it for myself (MFT state licensing exams) and my daughter (LSAT) because of debilitating anxiety and this program has really helped!! Thanks!!

    • J.G.

      I got this cd 6 years ago, while I was completing my BSN in nursing. I was having trouble passing the Hesi exam. I knew the material, but on the day of the exam I would be so nervous I would forget everything and not perform well. After I purchased the cd and completed the exercises as recommended I passed the exam with a score in the high 90's.

    • Bruce Holt

      I work as a counselor at a small liberal arts school. Several years ago we were looking for some good resources to aid students with extreme test taking anxiety, so we gave Dr Driscoll's program a try. We didnt base our decision on whether to continue to use it on just what students said, but we actually followed how their GPA's were affected once they started using this CD..

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    "The Confidence training & test anxietyTamer is
    one of the strongest, fastest, and most easily administered
    anxiety reduction methods available anywhere."

    You will be surprised at how

    a few seemingly minor alterations make our test anxiety reduction package
    considerably stronger, faster, and more easily administered than the more standard programs.

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